Finding the Elusive Book — Kristen Twardowski.

I found a unicorn once. It was in a library of all places. Strange. I’ve always imagined that unicorns live in archaic forests covered in mist and moss. But, no. This unicorn spent its days in a small town in Ohio. I didn’t even recognize it as a unicorn at first. It was simply another […]

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Call for Submissions

Writing Contest: STARS Poetry Magazine

Tell us who you were, who you are, and or who you wished to be

   In another life; before, now, and or in the future.

   How you lived. What you did. What you learned. Etcetera.

One poem per entry. To be 24 lines or less.

Single spaced, the way you want to see it in-print.

Send USMail, or in the body of an Email. (no files or attachments)


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2017: Writers with all the tools

25 years ago, if you wanted anybody to read your writing and give you a free honest critique, you had to join a writer’s group. There were no blogs for writers to get feedback. Literary agents rarely sent anything except a form rejection letter. Publishers didn’t send anything back at all. Family members always loved […]

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Blown Away.

There once was a man named A-CHOO!

Though finding his face rather blue-

Tried to huff a good sneeze

But got caught by a breeze,

And away to deep space- he so flew.

(A Note From the Author) I have always thoroughly enjoyed limericks. There is something about their whimsical nature that brings out the witty, playfulness of writing. There seems to always be an occasion to write a limerick and never an argument to the contrary. When in doubt, write a limerick!